Action Blue

Action Breaker x Chacco Blue

Born in 2000

You are purchasing a semen pick unit of the horse Action Blue.

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Action Blue

You are purchasing a semen pick unit of the horse Action Blue.

He demonstrated his capacities impressively at his 30 days test in Schlieckau: His jumping qualities were valued with 10.0 and 9.5. His sire Action Breaker is, at present, ranked as one of the best show jumping stallions worldwide. He was ridden successfully by Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP) at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010 and in the Grand Prix of Aachen he finished third.

His dam-sire Chacco-Blue was two times placed amongst the best at the German national championship finals and went on to win international Grand Prix, for example in Neumünster 2012. In the Grand Prix of Aachen, he finished in third place and is now among the top ten internationally successful fathers according to the 2015 WBSFH ranking.

Chacco-Blue sired more than 36 licensed sons and 260 advanced level/S level show jumpers, who have so far won more than two million euros and placed their father in eighth place in the 2016 WBFSH world ranking. The established son of Landadel, Landor S in the third generation, was champion of the six-year-old show jumpers at the Bundeschampionship in 1997 and was successful at advanced level/S level. Grandeur, three times winner of the show jumping Derby and, in his time, the most successful show jumping stallion worldwide, Pilot, the Westphalian legendary sire and Rasso, the Bavarian show jumping “primary rock”, round off this famous pedigree.


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